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Running into Summer

Summer is here, and the road is warm.  My glasses keep the bugs out of my eye balls.

I’ve been out on the road less than I’d like, if I’m being honest.  My job is busy, my kids have been filling up the schedule with baseball, and a million other excuses have brought me to a slight plateau.  I’m still getting out the 3 times a week at minimum, throwing down an average of 17 miles.  But that’s below my goal of 25/week.

I think it’s just a lull.  I’ve got a bit of an abdomen injury that might have something to do with it, but nothing serious.  With my marathon only 53 days away, I’ve got to get at it!

How does my garden grow?  Not too shabby!  I’ve got basil, a plethora of tomatoes, carrots, strawberries, 2 kinds of Lettuce, and peas.

Digging in the dirt is quite a nice thing.  I’ve only got little kid-sized garden tools, so I really get in there!  The watering barrel has been at encouraging levels these days, so I can’t complain.

Overall, life feels like its pressing down on me.  It kind of hurts sometimes, but it’s forcing the good parts of myself to the surface.  This summer is going to be a wild ride and I’m thankful for moments like this, and like when I’m running or digging, that remind me to not take everything so seriously.

36k for Clean Water

Yesterday I turned 36, and to fulfill my promise, I ran 36km for charity: water .  Earlier this year we were able to pull together enough money to provide clean water for 38 people.  The goal was 36, so 38 is even better and I am quite happy about that.  We raised the money, now I needed to come through on my promise.

So that left me with my 36th birthday party; me running around Edmonton for 36km.  Here is the review of this experience.

April Run Review

For me, 2017 seems to be flying by.  Now that the weather is nice, the outdoors are even more inviting for running.

So maybe that’s why I struggled to get through April.  The weather was so erratic, with a mix of rain, snow, mud, and dry land to force my way into.  I had a hard time making it out there for each of my training runs.

April total:  17 runs, 105.3 miles.

March Run Review

March was a good month for running.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, having it snow, freeze, melt, then snow again is not the most ideal of conditions for country running.  Yet with the sun coming out, and the dry days, I really enjoyed running on the days when the roads were clear.

I logged 129.7 miles in March.

This is the most I’ve ever logged in a month before, approximately 10 more than last month.

I feel good.  My plan incorporates rest days the day after a long run, and I think my legs really appreciate that.

The one thing my plan is lacking in is speed work. I am going to exchange a speed day for an easy day every week to help with that.  I’ll try it out, and see how it goes but I really do feel like my speed doesn’t vary enough for my liking.

I bought some sweet running hats from Value Village.  My favourite is an OV Beer hat.  I remember the commercial like it was yesterday.

Our beer around here is OV.  Around here, our beer is OV.

March also signalled the completion and success of my charity: water campaign.  With your help, I was able to raise enough money to provide 38 people with clean water!

I am extremely happy with the campaign and with the fact that people believe in the project, and my money raising method, to make it happen.  Next month I will fulfill my commitment by running the 36k in honour of the good people who helped out with the cause.

Clean water for 25!

My campaign is going a lot better than I thought it would.

In case you missed it, here is the link to what’s happening.

About a week ago I had raised enough funds for 13 people to get access to clean water through charity: water.  I was pretty happy with that.  It wasn’t near the 36 I was aiming for but the whole ’36’ theme runs steady through this whole campaign, so originally I aimed super high.  And why not?

Now, with 2 weeks remaining in the campaign, we have enough to provide clean water for 25 people!

I am very happy with my community of family and friends and their belief in such a good cause.  I am excited to run the 36k, and that’s only 2 months away!

Training update:  I’ve been going pretty steady, with over 290 miles logged so far this year.  Building well on my endurance and hoping to finish the run in around 3h 45min.

I was going to be content with 25, but oh man!  That’s so close to 36!  Toss a few bucks into the campaign if you can.  Providing clean water for fellow human beings is definitely one of the best investments you’ll ever make.


36K for Clean Water with Charity Water

Hello Friends,

As many of you know, I’ve recently started running.  For fun.  Seriously.  It’s great.



It’s hard to get out there sometimes, yet there is never a time when I complete a run with regret.  I always feel great after a good run.

I started running in January 2015 and since then I have helped raise over $1500 for Parkland Area education and awareness for mental health.  I met one of the directors and they said that since they’ve started fundraising they’ve been able to move their representative from a limited part time position to full time work.  That means more kids in Parkland hearing important & helpful stuff.  I am super proud of that and will continue to raise support for them each Fall at their Run For Life event.

This May, for my 36th birthday I will run 36 km with a goal of having 36 people donate $36 towards  It is a super effective charity that helps bring water to people that need it.

$663 million people live without clean water.  In a short amount of time, Charity Water has already helped 6 million people get clean water.  100% of every donation goes to these water projects.



Approximately $30 USD will help 1 person get access to clean water.  So your $36 CAD + the extra $ I will pitch in for the conversion rate, will enable us all to help 36 people get access to clean water.  What an amazing birthday that would be!

I will keep you up to date on my here on my blog.  Just go to the bottom of this page, leave a comment, and you can check off if you would like email updates.

Please consider donating towards this cause here.  And definitely check out their website with amazing coverage of their projects.  Plus, when we donate they will send us GPS coordinates to show us exactly where our money is going.  Super cool!

Thank you!

February Running Review

In preparation for my 36k on my birthday, I’ve been training pretty hard over the last few months.  In fact, this is the most I’ve trained since I started running back in January 2015.

My weekly milage is up to 25-30.  That is a big increase on my overall average of 10 miles per week.  Factor in that I am much more consistent with my running this year, it is still quite a big jump in milage.

This Week

I’m working on more content for this place.  I have a few poems up my sleeve, and  another bedtime story in the works, so stay with me here.

it’s warming up outside!

As for my campaign with Charity Water, things are going well.

On the running side of things, I have just now logged over 170 miles so far this year in preparation for a fairly long 36km run on my birthday.  So far feeling good and excited to tackle the challenge.

On the fundraising side of things, also encouraged.  I haven’t pushed the campaign too much yet, and already I have seen a few people donate to the cause!  In fact, I got some nice exposure today with a retweet from Sleeping At Last, an amazing musician whose music is used on a lot of Charity Water video material.  Very nice!

Even if you can only toss a couple bucks into the hat, please know that 100% of it goes directly to water projects.  Plus, in the end they send GPS coordinates so you can see the actual area where the water projects you give to are being worked on!

I am taken by a small thought.  Every time I fill up a glass of water I am reminded of these concise and effective projects that Charity Water has created.  Each glass means more to me now.  After a run, I savour it just a bit more.

I will continue to put in the miles and hope to get the $ to bless 36 people with access to clean H2O!


Run Log 2017

So far, so good.

What I’ve done is I’ve switched from running 25 miles a week to going with a marathon training app.  I chose the Under Armour Run Trainer App, which goes well with my regular Under Armour MapMyRun App, both of which are free.

The Run Trainer varies my runs based on time, instead of distance, which I like.  Some runs are rated easy, others are paced with my marathon goal pace, and others include speed work, which are alternating fast-slow distances.  I’ve done it for a week, and I really like it.

The runs are also editable, so you can move workouts around to fit with your schedule.

So far this month I have gone over 60 miles and I am feeling really good.

My training is for a Charity Water run I am planning on doing on May 20th to celebrate my 36th birthday (2 days late).  I will be running 36 km (22 miles) on my 36th birthday with the goal of having at least 36 people donate $36 to Charity Water.

$36 Canadian is roughly the amount it costs to provide accessible, clean water to one person.  It’s actually $39, but if I achieve my goal of 36 donations of $36 then I will donate the rest to cover the $3 per person.

So what I’m asking for from you is $27 USD as the campaign site is in America.

Here is the campaign.  Donate if you can!

Wish me luck!

Night running deserves a quiet night

Morning Run

I had to miss my run last night so I forced myself to get up this morning.  I was able to push myself through 4.2 miles in just over 40 minutes.

Man, it was rough.  I am not used to running in the morning.  Even though most races start early in the morning, I have not been the type to train that way.