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From my time in China.

Shoe Garden in China

From the looks of it, the tree area behind our apartment and beside the river used to be a landfill.  Or, more specifically, a garbage dump for shoes.  There are seriously hundreds of shoes sticking out of the dirt and muck.  They’ll all old, broken, and (at least to me) interesting.  A while back I decided to take some pictures of a few of my favorites.

China Things

Ramadan parking lot


So Long Chinese Language Class

There are many things that I hate about Min Zu Da Xue here in Xining. If I get overwhelmed by the pressures of culture and differences all around me then I often indulge in complaining and whining about them. It’s one of my favorite pass times.

A Day on the Tibetan Plateau

As our Landcruiser roars down the Yu Shu highway I wonder if this winding stretch of road will ever take us anywhere. As mountain ranges rise and fall, and we keep moving west, there is a common theme. A feeling of isolation penetrates the souls of all who pass…

Out to the Store in China

I walk down the steps from my apartment and out of my stairwell. The sky has grown dark and the people have fled to more comfortable quarters. I am out of Coca Cola Classic tm and I would like some for my dinner. Thunder lets out a secret deep in the distance; tonight will be a stormy one. But my thoughts are not on my drink any longer. My mind sways back and forth like the leaves on the trees. The wind has come to remind me that this place is not much different from the place I once knew.