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Stories I’ve written. I read them to my boys and if they like them, then I will post them here.

Miss. Understanding

It all started, as many things often do, with a misunderstanding.

Evergreen School.  8:38am.  Sunny day.

Jimmy sat down in his seat, far row, second from the back, like he always did.  Mary was sitting in front of him, and she was very tall for her age.  Thus, Jimmy did what he always did and leaned around her so that he could see the front of the room.

“Good morning, class.  My name is Miss. Understanding.  Mr. Zister is sick today with a terrible cough, so I was called in to take his place here today.  I told Mr. Zister that a nice air mister would help clear up that cough.  Anyway, I’ll be your teacher today.”


Jimmy was a hard worker.  His mom had a lot of chores for him to do, and he usually did them without complaint.  But lately things seemed to be getting out of hand.

You see, the problem was Jimmy’s dad, Carl.  Carl had a lot of chores to do, too, but when Jimmy’s mom came calling, Carl could not be found.  One moment, Carl would be sitting there on the couch, watching the hockey game, with a hot plate of nachos perched atop his belly, and then, when Jimmy’s mom had a job for him to do, Carl was no where to be found.  This complicated mess meant more chores for Jimmy.

The Mad Scientist

It was the end of a long and lazy Saturday for Simon.  He’d been outside riding his bike around the block, splashing in the puddles from the rain that had fallen the night before.  After a hearty lunch of instant noodles, grilled cheese, and a big, fat pickle, Simon decided to look over his favourite hockey cards.

Browsing through the cards, he came across his favourite players:  Buddy Splunder, left winger for the Golden Turtles, Mikael Radavoyinovskiloshovic (Rad-ah-voy-in-off-ski-low-sh-vic), a tough as nails defender for the last place Clammy Spiders.  There was Dave Bucketsauce, a goalie for Simon’s favourite team, The Flying Saucers.  They weren’t very good, but Dave had a great glove hand and was really nice to his teammates.  After practice, the other players would often find notes of encouragement from Dave, along with some freshly baked chocolate chip brownies.

Brian the Lamp

There once was a Brian named Lamp…  Wait, that’s not right.  There once was a Brain named Lump.  Wait, that’s not right either!  Okay, here it is in simplest form… Brian was a lamp.  There, that makes sense.

Brian was a lamp that lived on the bedside table of Charlie’s Grandma.  Charlie isn’t really in this story that much.  He’s a really fun guy, but he just doesn’t have much to say in this one.  Maybe I’ll tell a story about him later.  No, this story is all about Brian the lamp, who lives on that table I was telling you about.

Curious Little Milo

Milo was a curious little boy.  He was always getting into mischief.  If he smelled freshly baked chocolate chip dream cookies, his nose would lead him around the house until it found the source.  Then, when his big sister Kylo wasn’t looking, Milo’s nose would lead his hand up, up, into the jar, where it would snatch a cookie or two and carefully bring them back down and into his mouth.  Both at the same time!  He was sneaky like that.

The Sound of the Cat’s Coat

Marvin wasn’t what you would call a ‘fat cat’, or a real ‘big cheese’ sort of feline.  Yet cats from all around would do a double take whenever Marvin walked down the alley.

Marvin wasn’t the coolest cat you ever saw.  He wasn’t a high jumper, or a fence leaper like some of those other daredevil cats.  No, but the reason other cats knew for a fact that Marvin was ‘all that’ was his big and beautiful, super soft fur coat.

Marvin felt like a million bowls of fish flavoured cat food with that coat on.  It was a deep red colour, with specks of orange and sparkly blue rubies sewn all over it.  It flowed long and lean down his back, brushing against the sidewalk like a very satisfying back scratch.  Marvin liked to pop the collar on his coat and just purr down the sidewalk without a care in the world.

Joe’s Loose Tooth

Joe was growing up.  Last year he was 5, now he’s 6, and soon (very soon, in fact!) he will be 7.  One way a person could tell that Joe was growing up was looking at the amount of teeth remaining in his smile.  Every few months the number would get smaller.  The smile would still be as big and bright as ever, but there just weren’t that many teeth in there to twinkle and sparkle.

“I guess it’s a part of growing up,” Joe said to himself one day.  With so many teeth missing, Joe decided that eating had become a problem.  He went to his mom and asked her to buy him a blender.

“What do you need a blender for?”

“Well, I don’t have enough teeth to enjoy carrots and cauliflower and all of those crunchy things I loved to crunch.”  Just the thought of it made him break down.  “I’m afraid I may never get to crunch another crunch again!”  And with that, Joe crawled up into a little ball on the floor next to his mom’s feet, and had a little cry.