2017: My Favs

So long, 2017!

Here are some favourites of this past year.  Perhaps a little glimpse into me and my year.  I look back on things and I don’t feel so bad about any of it.

Album • David Bazan’s Care.

As I’ve mentioned a few times, this album has really been my staple.  It’s chicken and rice and bacon and eggs to me.  There is a lot of honesty in the poetic lyrics of this one.  Bazan’s solo stuff has really resonated with me, and this one is at the top of the list.

Movie • Darren Aronofsky’s Mother!

I saw this movie twice in theatre… by myself.  It’s such a visually stunning and shocking thing to take in.  There is so much confusion and chaos.  I can’t really pinpoint why it’s my fav except to say that it had my full attention both times I watched it.

Fast food Breakfast • A & W All Canadian Special.

Have you seen this thing?  $8 for basically a greasy dinner quality dish.  Toast, eggs, bacon, sausage, tomatoes, hashbrown… come on!  I had it twice this year, which seems like a good strategy.

NBA Basketball Player • Russell Westbrook.

I’m not a huge NBA fan, but this guy is worth watching the highlights for.  

TV show • Seinfeld reruns.

I don’t think anything could ever best Seinfeld, so I stopped shopping around. Edit: Nathan for You is great.

Running shoe • New Balance 1400 V5

In all, I ran in 5 different shoes this year.  I love this shoe and I wore it way past it’s prime.  I could sleep in this shoe.  I could spend the rest of my life in this shoe.

Coffee Shop • Coffee Bureau in Edmonton

These guys are friendly and talented.  Their lattes are the way to go.  It’s in my dentist’s building, so I’ve alway got to find a way to get there without having to have by teeth poked at first.  Catch 22.

Pun • “I’ve got a Polish friend who’s a sound technician.  I have a Czech one, too.”

Just the right amount of sass.

Internet Video • This one right here.

In a world that’s obsessed with pointless things, we must turn to these important and truthfully sacred videos of children being amazing.

Edmonton Oiler • Nuge

This guy just keeps on being awesome, and finally people are starting to take notice.

Book • I don’t really read new books, but Duel in the Sun is new to me.

A book about the most exciting Boston Marathon race ever.  It’s very good.

Vegetable • Arugula by a landslide.

Arugula with almonds.  Arugula salad with apple cider/dijon mustard/honey dressing.  All you really need… besides the New Balance shoes.

Article of Clothing • I picked up an American Apparel hoodie from Value Village.

It’s purple and it goes everywhere with me.

Song • Strangest Thing by The War on Drugs.

The beauty and the pain.


There any a lot of favourite things I ended up doing this year.  I love meticulously scouring any Value Village.  I look for cds, books, records, running gear, and hockey jerseys for my kids.  It’s pretty much my favourite hobby.

I also enjoy coaching hockey.  They are ages 5-9.  It’s teaching me to speak up and try to organize these little guys into an actual team.  I’ve learned a few good drills, and we’ve had some good games.  Some of the little ones just want to skate around, looking up at the sloped ceilings and bashing their sticks into the pile of bodies whenever they find themselves around the puck.  The older ones want goals.  Watching my boys score goals, and celebrate like they’ve made the big time, is quite a nice thing.

I built a compost this year.  It’s a wooden frame wrapped in a chicken wire cage.  The squirrels find their way in from time to time, but most of the good stuff stays put.  When I’m feeding it, I’ll lift up the cardboard top to find heat radiating from the mound.  Beauty in the breakdown.

This January 1st will mark 3 years of being a legitimate runner.  Running has changed my life.  Last year I ran 570 miles.  This year I just passed 1000.  Seriously.  I am very proud of myself for accomplishing this.  I also ran another half marathon this year, as well as my first ever marathon.  By running 36 km on my birthday I raised enough $ for 38 people to get clean water through this charity!  The money is being used in Mali.  This is probably my favourite thing.

Running has changed my life because I am healthier in many ways. I have more patience, I’m getting lots of fresh air, I’ve lost 35 pounds and I am accomplishing things I never even thought I would be interested in accomplishing 3 years ago.

This running thing was sitting right in front of me my whole life.  As an adult, we slowly lose our interest and desire to stay active.  Yet it’s right there, sitting there, inviting you in!  I am thankful, encouraged, and challenged to know that I’ve ran close to 2000 miles in the last 3 years, and I hope to be able to run thousands more!

New Years Resolutions are weird because everyone makes fun of them because they don’t last.  Well, why not?  Why can’t they last?  I say go for it!  If you slack, shake it off and get back out there.  A good chunk of 365 dedicated days all rolled into one solid year is totally within grasp for all of us in 2018.

How about you?  Are you looking back on yourself this year?

Keep me posted.

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