(and doing my best to remember)

Another gear, another speed.

Stuck in rewind, stuck on repeat.

I’ve been losing my mind,

so many times.

I must have lost it, down in the mine.

I must have lost it, when memories we’re shook.

like simply misplacing my favourite book.

From moving too fast,

from feeling so small.

This sudden speed; is it worth it at all?


Well, down it all goes, like rain in the gutter.

It’s moments like these, that make what’s left wonder.

Was it all just a joke,

some god awful crust.

To whom can I turn, in what can I trust?


Send me down, down to retrieve them.

Toss me a rope and some clothes to receive them.

I’ll leave the trash, only gather what’s real.

I don’t need a light, I’ll make my way by feel.

You wait right here, til I give it a pull.

Then bring us up slowly, don’t let us go.


When it’s all down, when it’s all through,

can I be the one to count on you?

Or should I count at all; oh, what an awful thought

Would I mount at all, this final onslaught.

No, i don’t think so,

I’ll be down in the drink, so

toss me a line, for down I must go.


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Trying to share good words within a world of noise. Introverted, but I need people.

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