Running into Summer

Summer is here, and the road is warm.  My glasses keep the bugs out of my eye balls.

I’ve been out on the road less than I’d like, if I’m being honest.  My job is busy, my kids have been filling up the schedule with baseball, and a million other excuses have brought me to a slight plateau.  I’m still getting out the 3 times a week at minimum, throwing down an average of 17 miles.  But that’s below my goal of 25/week.

I think it’s just a lull.  I’ve got a bit of an abdomen injury that might have something to do with it, but nothing serious.  With my marathon only 53 days away, I’ve got to get at it!

How does my garden grow?  Not too shabby!  I’ve got basil, a plethora of tomatoes, carrots, strawberries, 2 kinds of Lettuce, and peas.

Digging in the dirt is quite a nice thing.  I’ve only got little kid-sized garden tools, so I really get in there!  The watering barrel has been at encouraging levels these days, so I can’t complain.

Overall, life feels like its pressing down on me.  It kind of hurts sometimes, but it’s forcing the good parts of myself to the surface.  This summer is going to be a wild ride and I’m thankful for moments like this, and like when I’m running or digging, that remind me to not take everything so seriously.

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