March Run Review

March was a good month for running.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, having it snow, freeze, melt, then snow again is not the most ideal of conditions for country running.  Yet with the sun coming out, and the dry days, I really enjoyed running on the days when the roads were clear.

I logged 129.7 miles in March.

This is the most I’ve ever logged in a month before, approximately 10 more than last month.

I feel good.  My plan incorporates rest days the day after a long run, and I think my legs really appreciate that.

The one thing my plan is lacking in is speed work. I am going to exchange a speed day for an easy day every week to help with that.  I’ll try it out, and see how it goes but I really do feel like my speed doesn’t vary enough for my liking.

I bought some sweet running hats from Value Village.  My favourite is an OV Beer hat.  I remember the commercial like it was yesterday.

Our beer around here is OV.  Around here, our beer is OV.

March also signalled the completion and success of my charity: water campaign.  With your help, I was able to raise enough money to provide 38 people with clean water!

I am extremely happy with the campaign and with the fact that people believe in the project, and my money raising method, to make it happen.  Next month I will fulfill my commitment by running the 36k in honour of the good people who helped out with the cause.

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